Wooden Kitchen Racks and Holders for sale | eBay Jul 22, �� Reader Ann writes:Williams Sonoma has sold all its wooden, wall-mounted, folding dish racks. No more are on order. They would not give me the manufacturer�s name. I�ve searched the internet, but have come up with zero. Someone, somewhere must still be making those racks. Any suggestions for me other than making my own?Ann, we couldn�t find the manufacturer of this rack . Very nice looking rack. Goes well in a kitchen with other wire racks and blonde wood. If you've ever put together wire rack systems like this before; assembly should be a snap. The wheels are decent quality and easily roll onto carpets. The slide out tray can easily be placed on the middle or bottom. The hooks can be placed on the left or myboat329 boatplanss: K. DIY in PDX. Floating shelves in a farmhouse-style kitchen are often made from stained or reclaimed wood, which looks great in most spaces. But what if your style is a bit more on the edgy or eclectic side? Live-edge shelves are slabs of wood where some of the bark is still visible, which will add a more rustic charm to your kitchen.

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Many houseplants will thrive in this location. The easiest way to update your kitchen without going through an entire remodel is to remove the doors from existing cabinets. To add more of a wow-factor, consider painting the interior of your cabinets a different color. A Kitchen Update from Perfectly Imperfect. A lot of people assume when they incorporate open shelving into their kitchen, they have to add tons of shelves. This isn't the case. A couple of smaller shelves that take up the space of one cabinet will make a significant impact on the space.

This idea works well for those who want the look of open shelving but less commitment in regards to cleaning and styling them. If you wake up every morning in need of a cup of coffee, consider using open shelving to create a coffee bar in your kitchen.

This project can be as simple as adding a couple of shelves above the coffee pot or as elaborate as the setup shown here. Remember, open shelving isn't limited to farmhouse style. There are numerous ways you can design shelves to fit in with your specific aesthetic. For a more modern look, consider gold and brass finishes in more geometric patterns.

Perhaps the most fun and challenging part about open shelving is the styling. Once you get the hang of how items group together, styling becomes easier and more enjoyable. A few tips to keep in mind:. Continue to 2 of 10 below.

Continue to 3 of 10 below. Continue to 4 of 10 below. Turn Shelving Into an Open Pantry. Continue to 5 of 10 below. Add Open Shelving Above the Sink. Continue to 6 of 10 below. Save Money by Removing Cabinet Doors. Pair them with a fun backsplash, and you will smile every time you walk into your happy kitchen! We know the rustic look has been around for a long time now, but if you pair it with a pop of fresh paint like Designer Hadley Wiggins-Marin did here, you can really and modernize redefine that rustic look.

When you think of terra cotta you probably have warm and earthy thoughts of potted plants and garden shops. Pair that material with soapstone countertops and classic brass hardware, and you have a unique yet traditional and beautiful kitchen.

We love everything happening in this space, especially those terra cotta floors! Carrara marble like that shown here will always be in style, but if you're a red wine drinker, quartz could be a much better fit for you and your kitchen. While it looks like a natural stone, engineered quartz is more affordable and less prone to stains. Originally a room in the home used for storing and preserving foods think: the refrigerator before the refrigerator was invented , the kitchen larder has transformed into a stand-alone cupboard or pantry.

They can be large enough to house the majority of your dry goods but small enough to keep things organized while taking up a minimal amount of valuable space. Forget a walk-in and sub in counter-top cabinet or add doors to enclose pre-existing shelving. Bring texture and nuance to your kitchen walls with handmade tiles.

The possibilities are vast�try terra-cotta or cement in colors that range the rainbow�although we lean toward more neutral hues.

Don't forget about your kitchen ceiling! Add a fun hit of color, wallpaper, or wood paneling to add dramatic flair to your space. If you're installing custom cabinets, opt for a rough-hewn, reclaimed wood.

And good news if you're going pre-fab, companies such as IKEA are moving to more natural, eco-friendly materials for their kitchen cabinets. From bamboo to even recycled plastic bottles, cabinet companies are taking this revival of reduce and reuse very seriously. While wallpaper has become less scary to the general population over the last five years or so, folks are still reluctant to hang it in the kitchen. There are plenty of peel-and-stick papers in trendy designs that are incredibly easy to install and remove.

Hot tip: Opt for a graphic design that mimics the look of tile. Vintage plate racks are coming back in a big way in Whether displayed on countertops or mounted on walls, they add a ton of soul to a space and give you an actual place to store and display your dishware instead of hiding it away in a hutch or cupboard.

The year is not about being matchy-matchy�and that goes double for your heavy metals. Choose a nice nickel for your knobs and then go with a cool brass or matte white for your faucet.

Choose a whole different metal for your lighting fixtures. Not a fan of stainless steel facades? Try adding fronts to your appliances that mimic your cabinetry. Refrigerators and dishwashers disappear when clad to match their cabinet cohorts. Even your massive oven hood can get in on the action. Open shelves allow you to showcase your beautiful kitchenwares among other heirlooms and antiques.

The ability to see through your storage also means everything is easy to find. Just don't forget to clean your items often since they will be open to the elements that might be floating through your kitchen. It's also helpful to keep every day items on the lowest, most accessible shelf.

You don't have to go nuts to achieve an on-trend kitchen. While an apron-front sink in a farmhouse kitchen isn't exactly unexpected, a farmhouse sink in soapstone with brass hardware is a showstopper�especially when it's set against white walls, wood cabinets, and stainless steel countertops. While we're still seeing stained and painted woods, we're also seeing it in its natural state.

Try adding a kitchen island�or just the topper�in a pretty, grainy wood. Brown wooden shelves that feel original to the house are another way to test the waters with wood.

It will bring a warmth to any kitchen space, especially those trending bright white ones! For those who fear color, focus on mixing up the finishes.

Designer Cathy Chapman chose white beadboard on the ceiling and shiplap for the walls. She used unlacquered brass strap hinges and latches on the cabinets, black marble on the island countertop, and tons of warm woods on the floors, backsplash, and remaining countertops.

When you want to maintain neutrality but still have some fun in the kitchen, shoot for the stars�or in this case, the ceiling. You don't have to scrap an all-white kitchen to stay on trend.

Dip your toe in the color pool instead, whether you store colorful pottery in glass-front cabinets, bring in colorful furniture, or paint a large piece like this kitchen island in Tropical Moss by Dunn-Edwards Paints.

Maximize living space by making the family room and kitchen one large room. A mix of lighting helps differentiate the areas, while a uniform wall color keeps everything cohesive. Gone are the days of having a dark little pantry to house dry goods hidden away from prying eyes.

Today's kitchens boast roomy pantries with shelving aplenty for your cereals and collectibles. Proud of your organizational skills and want to show off? Finish the pantry space with a screened porch door painted in an eye-catching color, like this bright green hue.

Appliance makers like Lacanche, Big Chill, and Smeg offer up a host of practical pieces in a number of colors and finishes, which will definitely liven up your range.

If there's one person who knows her way around a kitchen, it's Martha Stewart. Her cooking area features copper pots and pans with an impressive collection of matching servingware. To us, vintage will always be in. The owners of this Texas farmhouse show their love of repurposed pieces with matching reclaimed pine throughout the home.

In this Massachusetts beach house , a savvy couple replaced linoleum with warm wood for a durable upgrade. Butcher block is virtually maintenance-free�it just needs an occasional coating of mineral oil�and the natural material is the perfect neutral to break up the sterility of an all-white palette.

Feel free to mix it up: Unified cabinetry is a thing of the past. Here, Diane Keaton features contrasting white and gray storage in her beautifully rustic kitchen. With stainless steel on the way out, color is making a big comeback. Take a cue from this homeowner's lively kitchen , which features a retro-inspired mint green refrigerator and dishwasher, plus a series of Smeg countertop appliances. Country Life. Design Ideas. Home Maintenance. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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