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� ������� ������ ��������� ����� ��������� � ���� ������� ��������������. Wooden Boat Building Course. We are not currently taking on any new students but feel free to get in touch with Ben if you�re interested in finding out what opportunities are coming up in the future. To discuss a new build or renovation please call Ben on. Boat Building. Internationally recognised boatbuilding training college, in Lowestoft. Traditional boatbuilding & joinery courses, woodworking skills Traditional Boat Building Courses Uk Keyboard & maritime crafts. International Boatbuilding Training College Lowestoft Our boats. Planking Woodworking Skills Boat Building Joinery Boats College Training Traditional Home Decor. Boat Building. Internationally recognised boatbuilding training college, in Lowestoft. Traditional boatbuilding & joinery courses, woodworking skills & maritime crafts. International Boatbuilding Training College Lowestoft Our boats. Woodworking Skills Boat.

Our flagship course leads to the internationally recognised and coveted IBTC Diploma in boatbuilding along with City and Guilds level 3. This comprehensive course covers all the skills required to build and maintain boats.

With an emphasis on learning through practical application of skills you will work on a wide range of boatbuilding projects, under the expert supervision of our knowledgeable instructors in our working boatyard. High standards of accuracy and finish are set from the start and all students must successfully complete our Wood Working and Joinery Skills course, which depending on previous experience will take up to 12 weeks see mid-length courses.

You will then move into the boat shed and commence working on a variety of boatbuilding projects. You will work on a wide range of craft including new builds, restoration and renovation projects. All our boats are real and have real owners ensuring the skills and knowledge you acquire are forged on real projects. We believe this is essential for students to become genuine boat builders. You must understand the proper use of wood and G.

You must know how to cost your work. You must be aware of new technology and yet be able to repair or restore boats built fifty years ago or more.

Being able to build a boat beautifully is not enough. It may give tremendous self- satisfaction, however, at the end of the day, it must also lead to being able to provide reasonably comfortably for yourself and your family.

It is for this reason that the IBTC, Traditional Boat Building Australia 2020 uniquely, ensures that its instructors are not only expert in their professions but also have real world proven, successful, experience in the boatbuilding business.

The IBTC Concept of Training Experience has shown that training opportunities limited to just two or three boats is totally insufficient � which is why the IBTC always has a wide variety of boats, both large and small, at different stages of construction at any one time. This ensures that there is always a boat available and at a stage which will enable trainees to build skills in a truly systematic and properly structured way.

You do not have to wait for a boat to reach a certain stage of construction before you are able to move on, and you are always able to continue to the next stage of learning once you have satisfactorily completed each exercise.

It is a very important concept of IBTC training that the boats built, repaired or restored as training exercises are only worked on whenever they present the opportunity for appropriately timed exercises for students.

High standards of accuracy and finish are set from the start of each course. Our concept of training enables our students to cover and learn the wide range of skills in our training programme in the shortest time possible. It ensures, too, that by the end of their course, you will have the ability and confidence to build, repair or restore a boat.

Almost all learning is through practical exercises, learning by doing , with the essential knowledge element fed in by instructors at the relevant moment.

This huge amount of practical experience is one Boat Building Courses Suffolk of the many reasons why IBTC students remain head and shoulders above others. The course concentrates heavily on traditional wooden boat construction and repair, there is a worldwide shortage and need for people with these skills. A solid foundation in woodworking skills remains a vital element in the professional training of any boat builder and our boatbuilding course starts with the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about woodworking.

The trainee follows a series of modules through which they progress at their own pace. The modules are of different duration, some taking just a few days to complete, and others taking a number of weeks.

Any effective programme of learning must be structured and systematic so that trainees are able to build up their knowledge in a way that suits them. Every part of every module of training at the IBTC has been carefully developed and honed throughout the years to ensure that you are able to progress and succeed throughout each stage of the training, with each stage building on the stage before. Obviously some students will move faster than others � for some have previous woodworking experience, whilst others have none at all.

Obviously, too, there is a minimum speed at which students can progress, otherwise they would not be able to complete the course in the time available! Apprentices are treated individually throughout, with each exercise and project being carefully selected from the vast number available; so as to suit their particular needs at the time.

Below are the modules which will be covered in this course. For more detailed information regarding each module, please download the course prospectus. Boatbuilding Instructor. Book now. The Course. The Training Modules. Looking for more info?

Got a question? Contact us here. Download our prospectus. Course Fees. Training application form. Meet the course tutors. Rob Harbord Boatbuilding Instructor. Maynard Watson Boatbuilding Instructor. Other Courses Available. Explore our Full Time Courses. Explore our Part Year Courses. Explore our Short Courses. Who's Attending 11 people are attending Boatbuilding.

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