34 Bookshelf speakers ideas in | bookshelf speakers, speaker, bookshelves The best sounding vintage bookshelf speakers are totally trounced by modern designs that use modern materials and CAD to optimise them. If you want a nice old design the BBC LS3/5A is amongst the best. Modern �replicas� exist that are better still. I think PMC (the Professional Monitor Company based in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK) make one. Mar 14, �� I totally understand the interest in vintage speakers. All of the speakers in my house could be called vintagehomemade speakers with Jensen and Altec drivers, Spendor SPs, Fulton FMIs, and Dyna A25s. Based on your criteria including the bookshelf mounting, I would highly recommend the Dyna A25 or if space is really tight the A
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From my experiences I can recommend two choices if you want to pursue this. The A can be driven by smaller amps 20 - 60 wpc and sound good with either tube or SS of reasonable quality. The Advent will need more power 50 - wpc. I've never heard those driven by tubes but something with KT, , or the new KT may be fine. Also, both are 2-way systems, thus easier to restore. I could suggest you get the Blast-off X but while looking for that you might miss the QRD which would be just as good or better.

Therefore, having a list of candidates rather than one specific model will be best. Good luck, and let us know what you find.

Your requested specifics on Spendor SP1: 1. Thin walls but solid. Fine workmanship. Mine still look great. Extremely natural realistic presentation. Vocals are Vintage Tabletop Bookshelf Words marvelous. No brightness. Leans towards warm, musical with sufficient detail. Wide open soundstage - however you can pinpoint specific instruments in small combos, etc. No listener fatigue. I listen for hours to all types is music.

I always used a SS amp. Have heard they work well with tubes. Hope this helps. A detailed audiophile technical specifications of Spendor SP1: yashu posts pm Your requested specifics on Spendor SP1: 1.

Unclechoppy, There is a certain satisfaction and appreciation owning vintage equipment. Of the speaker choices you've listed, I have owned the ARtt; it used the same components as the AR but also included adjustments for bass along with adjustments for midrange and treble the 11 had.

They were excellent sounding and am sure they still would be today if in restored condition. They had the classic New England or East coast presentation of smooth natural sound.

Very easy and enjoyable listening, with a wide dispersion, and nice clean simple looks. I can't Best Vintage Bookshelf Speakers Uk In comment on their imaging since when I owned them, imaging wasn't talked about as much late seventies , but I'm sure the 11's would perform well. When I first listened to the LST it was the finest sounding speaker I had ever heard, but that was some 40 years ago. They don't come up for sale very often, and when they do, they're normally expensive, and most likely need a lot of work.

Plus they're heavy-ninety and sixty pounds. The AR's are probably over fifty pounds so your bookshelves will need to be very sturdy for these speakers.

We are not talking about vintage acoustic windup victrolas here. These were very well designed and made loudspeakers. I wish I still had my ARtt's. Best of luck in your vintage search. I'm surprised you have the Altec A Segovia on your list. It's fairly obscure, but it's also the only one I have direct experience with, though I heard the AR3a plenty back in the day as well. I bought my first stereo in I flipped. So I got to enjoy them for a couple of weeks before she found out her mistake I thought it might have been a closeout bundle and asked for them back.

I followed my conscience and brought 'em back in exchange for the Capris. I consider them Altec's answer to the JBL L, but I consider them better in general, and for your situation in particular. The midrange is actually an Altec full-range speaker, which enables it to cover a large part of the frequency range without strain. The 12" woofer has a lb. The tweeter is a textile dome. In spite of the sealed enclosure, the speakers were easy to drive and the bass was strong but not overpowering, and tight.

They were also pretty efficient with a 4-ohm impedance besides, which opens up more wattage from the amp if it has the durrent delivery to allow the amp to do so. I could see the Segovias for a match for your requirements as well. Bear in mind that the woofer has a foam surround, so either you find a pair that's been recently refoamed, or you'll have to do that about every years. It's not that hard, and most speaker reconing services could do it as well I think.

Unclechoppy, I'm with you Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition Uk Mod on all things vintage and you either get it or you don't. My ADS's are a two way with an 8" woofer and the fantastic ADS soft dome tweeter, the highs on these are so refined and delicate sounding, amazing for a 30 year old speaker. Another thing to consider is they are sealed designs so placing them on a bookcase shouldn't be an issue for your purposes.

Anyway, good luck with your endeavor I had a pair of L ii floorstanders for nine years. They get it all right--dynamics, linearity, smoothness, frequency extension. Like a good vintage anything, the cabinetry and veneer applications are first-rate too. They have a wide variety of bookshelf configurations from mini's to dual-woofer models. The L would probably be a nice choice, but there are some others as well. They use dual 7" woofers instead of a 10" or 12", so the width is narrower. And they're 10" deep so they'll fit comfortably on the shelf.

Here's the product sheet. The ADSs were ahead of their time. They don't suffer from the quirks and shortcomings of other vintage speakers, such as boomy bass, dispersion suckouts at the crossover regions, diffraction distortion, foam rot, etc. I was just going to suggest the 's Johnny good call.

Of those two the 's are a bit more efficient. Can't go wrong with any of their speakers. Bozaks had no "Foam surround" on their drivers [I always hated the phony bass on AR speakers] and I still have a system with 6 Bozak woofers, 4 Bozak mids and 24 Bozak tweeters that will blow you out of the room.

Nah not much. Bottom end? Satisfaction quotient? Truly enjoyable! It provides a LOT of fun but not if you are a true "Audiophile". If you are, you will tear the system to shreds with "informed" opinions! If it sounds good it IS good! I would look at Audionote AN J's or even K's will fit your size they are wonderful speakers and designed to be positioned close to a wall so in your book shelf they will do better then most.

I still have a system with 6 Bozak woofers, 4 Bozak mids and 24 Bozak tweeters that will blow you out of the room. Stereophile reviewed some fully restored Bozak Concert Grand Bs a little over 10 years year. They looked past modern audiophile concerns and were very favorable about these. An excerpt from the conclusion: Conclusion You read about speakers that perfectly image but have limited bass, or hyperdetailed speakers that, over time, fatigue the listener.

But the Bozak Concert Grand does everything well while not excelling at any one sonic parameter. I believe this is its greatest strength. It is dynamic beyond belief, with gobs of musical detail and harmonic richness. A pair of them are magical in their ability to deliver space and ambience cues, but they image more like what you hear at a concert�not "pinpoint" imaging, but a more blended sound. And the speaker has extraordinary but not superfast bass.

It may be the best non-horn vintage speaker you can own. However, no way would these Concert Grands fit on the OP's bookshelf space. But they are definitely "vintage" in its most favorable connotation. I totally understand the interest in vintage speakers. Based on your criteria including the bookshelf mounting, I would highly recommend the Dyna A25 or if space is really tight the A With either tube or solid state amps, the Dynas still sound "right" to my ears, not the very best but they get out of the way and let you enjoy the music in ways that many modern speakers do not.

AR 11 pair would fit most of your criteria. Very solid construction, excellent bass response, non fatiqueing but natural sound. The AR11 and most AR speakers were designed for med-far field listening. IE a seated position feet away from the drivers. They have exceptional off axis response. They respond well to wpc of tube power and wpc of ss power that is very stable into a low impedance load. The AR 11 represents a transition of sorts. The 11 and 10 pi added newly designed mid and tweeter domes to the classic AR 12 inch 2 way design.

Many people prepare themselves for a substantial investment when looking for a quality hi-fi system. Of course, it is easier to find quality sound among expensive high-end brands, but we would like to show you that it's not necessary to spend a fortune on high quality sound. On this web site, you can see many interesting models from great brands in the mid-price range. There are many vintage items and some successful models from the 80ss period that you can buy for a very reasonable price.

They are just as good and, sometimes, even better than many of the latest high-end items which would cost you several thousand pounds. We will try to find those items and show them to you. We hope you find hi-fi which matches your taste, your budget and your existing system, if you are upgrading just one or two pieces. As well as offering you many interesting and exciting hi-fi items, we would be happy to help you to bring your old loved items back to life.

We know that some brands have stopped providing support for their older models these days; this is due to several reasons including many parts being out of production. Some brands have been sold to other companies or even ceased to exist. If you come across any of these problems, feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to help you. Many of them have been in touch with us for years and have had two or three upgrades with us.

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