Basic Materials � Eureka stitch and glue plywood canoe plans 2 sheets plywood for hull an extra half sheet for enddecks and bulkheads is required if wanting to fit buoyancy tanks 3 Litres Epoxy Fibreglass Tape 50mm x 39m � 2? x ft. We offer plans for the North Canoe in both Recreational and a Racing versions. The Recreational version can be built in either the traditional Voyageur style with the high ends, or in a Modern style with low ends. On the other hand, the 28' Racing version is a very modern, asymmetric hull, and is designed for pure speed! North Canoe plans are ONLY offered in electronic format, on CD-R or by e-mail. Now . Stitch and glue boat plans are great for amateur boat builders! Stitch and glue boat building uses marine grade plywood that is stitched together with zipties and glued with epoxy resin. The first step is to trace the full size patterns onto marine grade plywood and cut them out. Then you will hold everything in place with zipties so you can install the simple frame. After that, apply thickened epoxy to glue .
A slide show video of two canoes for double-paddle, the Trout Lily and Larkspur being built. Both designs by Fine Wood Water Craft. Stitch-and-glue construction, along with the development of epoxy and modern mahogany marine plywood, has revolutionized and revitalized wooden Stitch And Glue Canoe Plans Pdf boat building. This method of building is not only stronger, lighter, and faster than traditional wooden boat building, but it also takes far less skill. With stitch-and-glue construction, no strongbacks, forms, or temporary frames are required to build the boats.� Thousands of builders have assembled Chesapeake Light Craft's stitch-and-glue boats from scratch. You might already have a stash of marine grade plywood and epoxy, or it might just be your preference to build the whole boat from the keel up. Our standard boat plans are on 24" x 36" paper; parts that fit within those dimensions are shown full size. The stitch and glue canoe building method is an easy and affordable way for a beginning canoeist to make his or her own boat. Basically, the technique consists of gluing panels of plywood together using epoxy and fiberglass. The stitching holds the panels in place while the epoxy is applied and allowed to cure. Stitching planks together is a centuries old method of boat building.

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