Top 13 Affordable Halal BBQ Steamboats In Singapore

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Click here to view. Email : [email protected]. Mala soup base is awesome and food are all fresh. Service of the staffs is superb good especially Mr Danny. Laksa soup base was flavorful and the service was great!

Great thing was that they had a Eatigo discount, ingredients were fresh too! Highly recommend place to come get steamboat at late night! Would come again next time! The meat selection is great, but the vegetables selection is beyond many. For liver lovers, they have them as part of the buffet!

Also, love the deco and layout of this branch. Lunch buffet is Super good value. Nice ambience with good services. I prefer the collogen and bak Kut Teh souping for my steamboat. You can request for a personal pot if you dont want to share. Have to make reservations beforehand though, as it gets pretty crowded even on weekdays. Great customer service too. Price is affordable, food selection is good and fresh.

The meats are also of good quality, though the beef has considerable amount of fat. The Eastpoint branch is very cosy and spacious. You can also have free water for drink. We always love to come here and enjoy our dining time while chatting.

They also have variety of soup base selection. Our favourites are the soup of the month and seaweed.

Wagyu beef slice incloded. Mala and tomato soup is the combo we usually go for. Four different soup bases, wife loves the Mushroom soup base. Was looking for a replacement for J-pot after it moved out from Parkway Parade and found something even better.

A wide variety of sauces and condiments to choose from. You have the option of soup or porridge base. Ingredients are fresh. We ordered the chicken soup base and it tasted super thick and yum. Reservations are recommended. They also offer other signature dishes Cheap Steamboat Buffet Dinner Singapore as well, the fried tofu was out of the world. I love the interior and decoration. Service is excellent. They have very friendly and attentive crew.

Will definitely come back again. Great location and atmosphere. We had a wonderful selection of dishes that we had from the set of 6 dishes which were all delicious and very well chosen. Service was outstanding.

A must see when you visit Singapore! Food is incredible! Service is phenomenal! My favourite restaurant! Great food. Love their broth. Really good to have this on rainy days. And you can view sparkly lights outside ion lining itself. Great place to spend with family, friends, even a date. Food really fresh, none of them are factory made.

Even they made their own prawn, fish, squid ball too! Prefer their sauce too as compared to other steamboat restaurants. Spacious and comfortable environment. Service is prompt too. Fresh and high quality seafood. Value for money compared to ala carte. Highly recommended. Good service. Good variety of tasty broths.

Spacious and suitable for families. Originally established in Sichuan in , Tanyoto has since opened outlets across East Asia and continues to expand. The tomato soup base in particular is praiseworthy, Steamboat Buffet Dinner Singapore Journal and the restaurant offers a free fish head per table as well as free flow plum juice. On top of buffet offerings, a complimentary serving of handmade meatballs, fish nuggets, and savoury dim sum is included as well.

Who goes to a steamboat buffet for the vegetables? The answer: More than enough people to fill the seats in The Mushroom Pot. Ladies, go for the buffet dinner from Monday to Thursday to enjoy a 20 percent discount. Fresh seafood as well as special items such as fish glue, sliced pork liver, shrimp balls and dumplings, amongst other tummy-filling ingredients, are provided in the buffet, which is available at their International Building and Resorts World Sentosa outlets as well.

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Buffets Eat. Tel: Fu Qi Steamboat Eatery House [Halal] As one of the few Halal-certified steamboats in Singapore, Fu Qi stands out even more with its soup bases such as soto ayam, which you can pair with chicken, herbal, or tom yam soup in their yuan yang pots. Tel: Zhong Hua Steamboat Buffet Step in front of this restaurant and the fragrant smell of soup immediately lures you in.

Tel: Crystal Jade Steamboat Kitchen Crystal Jade may be famous for dim sum, but did you know they have an entire branch dedicated to steamboats? Tel: Hotpot Culture Spacious and suitable for families.

Tel: Tanyoto Originally established in Sichuan in , Tanyoto has since opened outlets across East Asia and continues to expand. Tel: The Mushroom Pot Who goes to a steamboat buffet for the vegetables?

Read this next Top 10 Economical Indian Buffets UNI Gallery opens in Singapore. With its wide variety of ingredients and steaming broths, Upin Hot Pot is probably one of the closest alternatives to Hai Di Lao you can get. Choose up to three for the price of one. Must try items include the mushroom meatballs and crispy fish skin. Open until 3am each day, it's also a supper hotspot. With ten locations conveniently located in shopping malls across the island, you're bound to have come across one of its outlets on your day out.

While the offerings may not be extensive, its broths are hearty and warming, with a selection of classic hotpot ingredients and fresh greens to choose from. Add that to the free-flow portions of beef, chicken, and pork, and you'll definitely leave with your tummy full. The joint is family-friendly as well � kids 12 years and below dine free with every two paying adults.

It's easy to confuse Shabu Sai with Suki-Ya, given that both are affordable shabu shabu and sukiyaki hot pot restaurants that feature in shopping malls islandwide. The main difference lies in the selection of soup bases � Shabu Sai has up to seven, with a rotating roster of monthly specials that include herbal chicken with barley and shiitake with scallop. The hot pot buffet at Shabu Sai also offers a ton of leafy greens, DIY-sauce selections and a free flow of sliver-thin beef, pork and chicken.

Furthermore, no two Shabu Sai outlets are the same. Depending on which one you patronise, you'll be able to find a variety of sushi, dessert cakes, fresh fruits and waffle stations along with the standard buffet fare. Sounds too good to be true, but it all exists at Shi Li Fang.

Pick a soup base the joint prides itself on not using MSG , the main protein and your preferred type of noodles. Then on top of that, help yourself to a load of vegetables and sides � from cabbage, carrot and bok choy to tofu, black fungus, and mushrooms. After five years of business, Hai Xian Lao has made a name for itself with its excellent service and fresh steamboat ingredients. This Thai-Chinese hot pot restaurant stands out for its distinctive Thai ingredients and dishes.

It offers eight broths, one of which is the fragrant tom kha gai chicken coconut soup. Sides include the Thai mama noodle, spicy beef salad, black olive fried rice and pineapple fried rice.

The family-friendly joint also has a promotion where a child dines free with every two paying adults, and discounted prices are available for students and senior citizens. Goro-goro, a Japanese sound word to mimic the rumbling of your tummy, dispels just that, while keeping the eating affordable. For the price, you get your choice of over 50 ingredients to throw into your bubbling broth. Soups come in six options, including tom yam, ginseng chicken and a collagen-based broth for the beauty obsessed.

The sprawling space makes it ideal to gather a group of friends and family to huddle over hot pots.

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