Tel Aviv � The massive container ship that ran aground in Egypt's Suez Canal early this week was still blocking one of the world's busiest shipping routes on Friday, and officials have said it could take days � possibly even weeks � to move it out shipping the way. The logjam of cargo small boats navigating in shipping lanes price created by the blockage of the shortest route between Europe and Asia, and the hulking ship wedged between the narrow canal walls, are visible from space.

The Boafs Ever Given's owners say a gust of wind pushed it and its huge cargo of more than 20, shipping containers sideways in the canal on Tuesday, wedging it between the canal's sandy banks. Giora Kaddar, a marine underwriter in the Israeli capital nnavigating Tel Aviv, told CBS News that navigating a ship so huge through the narrow Suez Canal in the first place is "like brain surgery.

At 1, feet, the Ever Given is almost as long as navigatijg Empire State building or Chicago's Willis Tower are tall, and it's wedged across a canal just half that size. The vessel is feet wide, which Kaddar said leaves the people piloting it only about 82 feet of leeway to squeeze it small boats navigating in shipping lanes price the passage � no wiggle room at all.

Heavy equipment has worked day and night to free the Ever Given for days, but with no luck shippiing far. Excavators have been scooping sand shi;ping at both ends � with an estimated 19, cubic yards to shift � in hope that, at high tide, tugboats might be able to pull the vessel free.

There has even been some discussion of trying to pull on both ends of the ship with cables fixed to Used Small Boats For Sale By Owner 201 heavy machines on the land, but with any of these options, there's an inherent risk of damaging or even capsizing the ship. It was not clear what help, if any, the U.

The Ever Given blockage creates a sizeable dilemma for other ships. As long as it's in the way other vessels continue to pile msall small boats navigating in shipping lanes price at the northern entrance from the Mediterranean and in the Red Sea to Used Small Cargo Boats For Sale Us the south. Other vessels must decide to either wait it out shippin opt for the very long way round Africa's southern tip, which can small boats navigating in shipping lanes price shippjng week to a voyage and carries additional security risks.

The Financial Times reported on Friday that a number of peice groups had contacted the U. Navy's Fifth Fleet over maritime security concerns for vessels that do chose to sail south around Africa, which would put them in waters off the continent's eastern coast that have a long history of piracy.

It's just one more factor that could cause a serious slowdown and a potential price-hike for goods moving to Europe and the U. Share Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email. Stranded cargo ship blocks Egypt's Suez Canal.

How did it get shippiing How do you un-stick it? An image released on March 25, by Egypt's Suez Canal Authority shows tug boats alongside the hull of the MV Ever Given container ship, which was stuck across the canal for a third day. Suez Canal Authority If that doesn't work, salvage crews may decide to drain its fuel tanks to make it lighter.

A map shows the Suez Canal, a man-made, sea-level waterway that cuts through northern Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, providing sea cargo an easy shortcut between Europe to Asia and eliminating the need to navigate around all of Africa.

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Often there is an �inshore traffic zone� between the main traffic lanes for shipping and the coast. These are unregulated and should be used by local traffic, fishing vessels and small craft. It is safest for small craft to avoid the TSSs even if it means a detour. There are very strict rules for small craft crossing the lanes . Herein, what should operators of small boats do when navigating in a shipping lane? When operating near a shipping lane or in areas of high boat traffic, smaller craft are not easily visible to larger myboat150 boatplans keep a lookout for larger vessels and be prepared to yield the right of way. Specifically, always steer well clear of vessels in tow, docked ferries, or ferries in transit. Operating in Narrow Channels Operating within narrow channels. When approaching a narrow channel, stay to the starboard side and, using a prolonged blast, announce your approach to vessels that may be around the bend. When operating within a narrow channel, vessels must keep as near as is safe and practical to the outer limit of a narrow channel on their starboard side.

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