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The times and our lifestyles have certainly changed since the s, but the behavior of the winds and waters haven't and neither has the Melonseed's performance characteristics. If you desire an Wooden Ship Building Videos 80s exceptional small boat, and feel you deserve something that goes well beyond the limits of modern daysailers, then cruise through the information on this website to learn more about this wonderful boat.

Click or tap on to view videos below:. Video by www. Contact Crawford Boat Building. Whether you are a long time boating enthusiast, or just beginning the search for your first boat, what you discover here about this charming traditional small boat is likely to ignite the flames of a nautical romance. The Melonseed Skiff is an extraordinarily beautiful reproduction of a nineteenth century American workboat, that has reemerged a century later as one of the premier boats in the daysailer category.

Upon first glance she will immediately steal your heart. Although Wooden Skiff Building Unit that's not unusual with traditional boats, upon further investigation of these pages you will learn that beyond her visual beauty lies a small craft superbly adapted to the demands of the modern sailor. The Melonseed is an absolutely splendid performer. She sails in anything from a mere zephyr to a howling breeze. Her simple and efficient sprit rig stows right in the boat and sets up in mere minutes.

Trailering is effortless, launching simple and quick. Rowing performance is delightful. The Melonseed Skiff's structural engineering and construction is world class. The fiberglass hull and deck are superbly and honestly by the true hand lay-up method, and elegantly adorned with rich teak woodwork and fine bronze hardware.

Wood spars gleam with multiple coats of varnish. Crawford Boat Building is a small three-person boatshop dedicated to fine craftsmanship.

For over four decades we've built a reputation for the highest quality workmanship and unmatched customer satisfaction. Our production is deliberately limited Every major sailing publication has applauded the Melonseed with articles and glowing reviews. The highest praise a boat can earn, is the absolute endorsement of its owners, and in that category the little Melonseed probably has no equal.

Melonseed owners are obsessive in exclaiming the virtues of their boats. About one third of Melonseed owners are women, and they handle the boats with just as much ease as men. But here's the bottom line, it's quite simple, and doesn't need any rationalization.

If you remember how you felt when you first discovered the joy of sailing, and you would like to rekindle the romance, or start a new one, sail a Melonseed Skiff. Small Craft Advisor Ads. The Remarkable Melonseed Skiff. About the Shop. Gunning Dory. Builders of Skiff Building Materials Zone the Crawford Melonseed Skiff. Swampscot Dory. If so, click or tap on the Roger's Blog button! Video and photos by John M. Contact Crawford Boat Building P. Roger Crawford.

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