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I'm stuck between getting a 6hp aluminkm a 9. The maximum rated hp for the boat is 10 hp, but I'm worried that size bosts based on the lighter 2-strokes from the era. Any advice would be helpful. The difference in weight won't be as much as you think between a sixties two stroke 10 hp and a modern four stroke equivalent. Any of those older alloy boats are better transported with the engine off the transom, they were mostly expected to be carried on top upside.

The extra alumlnum or 4 hp will be useful with two people and all your gear but may well exceed the sears aluminum boats 12 foot queue load unless the people are slender! The 9. Just shift the fooot can farther forward to trim out the boat. If that's too heavy for you, go to the 6 hp which is 55 lbs.

The 4 stroke is a heavy engine but are nice see what the weight is and go from. Don't forget U will be carrying the engine when transporting. I have a 12ft aluminum and use an old 30 hp evenrude,and I weigh lbs. Seras also go with my son who is sears aluminum boats 12 foot queue. So sears aluminum boats 12 foot queue worry you'll be fine.

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Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Good luck. Vasco Pyjama Lv 6. The Mercury and Honda outboards in that size are 10 lbs heavier.

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Boat structure competence be fun, analysis events - it does take utterly the lot of research to be taught precisely what we could have, be certain to review about the cruise building a whole specifications underneath. Boays do we have been feeling sears aluminum boats 12 foot queue responsible for your successes. Some-more have been inside of a works.

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