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Test 1 is just one of many exercises and quizzes to reinforce your learning so you feel confident when exam day arrives. Here are keywords and phrases covered in Questions Test Exercise 1 - Read a text and answer a series of questions. Exercise 2 - Read a text and answer a series of questions testing more detailed comprehension.

Exercise 4 - Write a summary. Beekeeping International Space Station. Changes in the weather Eating Out Following Trends. What makes a good life? Eating Out.

We provide free resources across sdt exam questions english full range of levels to provide the tools to communicate in English. Share. Listening Test Word List. Here are keywords and phrases covered in Questions Test 1: art department airport blue bus City College competition daughter Forest Academy green hotel reception journey July Madrid May orange passengers problem railway line red running shoes science department sheep sports centre station Spain top quality white yellow.

Exercise 3 - Make brief notes related to a piece of text. Exercise 5 - Write an informal email. Here are videos to help you with the reading and wrting sections. We add activities and exercises regularly on various themes, so sdt exam questions english not bookmark our site, so you can come back to practice sdt exam questions english or at any time of the day.

The more words you encounter and understand, sdt exam questions english broader your day-to-day vocabulary will. Word puzzles require not just a good sdt exam questions english and a knack for spelling, but the ability to think logically and strategically.

Film Puzzles. Idioms Crossword Puzzle. Natural World Puzzles. Seas and Oceans Puzzles. Shopping Puzzles. Sport and Fitness Puzzles. Travel Puzzles. Education and Learning Puzzles. Work Puzzles. Learning English requires not just a good vocabulary, but a strong foundation of all skills to communicate.

Listening Grammar Speaking Vocabulary What makes a good life? Levels Links:. Learn English with our free material for different levels of English. We add exercises on grammar and vocabulary as well as whole text activities on a regular basis.

The material will also support students studying for the Cambridge Advanced courses.

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As there will be very less time so you will indirectly go to your genuine mode so it will give fair idea about your personality to psychologist. Test 3: SRT-situation reaction test This is very important test in psychological tests. There will be 60 questions and you will be given space for each SRT response.

They will be providing you various life experiences and will seek your response in less time and it should be logical, practical and well planned.

Go for the next phase with confidence. They will check you, how much you know and how you are known in social and close spheres. In SSB process you are nowhere at advantage position to speak lies or bluff with them. What your parents thinks about you? What kind of person you wish to be? What your enemies think about yoyou?

Write correct response and pose your image as you are. Be yourself! Be positive and constructive with views. After completing this test you will be able to leave the hall. Those who have their interviews they can reach CHM and ask him timings. As soon as you reach your barracks I will suggest to write every word you wrote in SDT it will help you in next few days. Try to remember most of the words which you think shows your character or speaks about your personality.

This map will contain complete idea about your intelligence, QIR, prospects, traits and any flaws she observed and they will work on it, to assess you on above given points as well as they will have separate analysis and at last they will try to match 3 analysis and if everybody agrees with analysis then you will be selected after conference. The GTO will be with you for most time in this complete process.

Whenever GTO will give instruction carefully listen him. He will be providing in a way how to behave and what are the solutions for critical condition and what should you do in process of GTO tasks. You need to enjoy these two days as these two days will be thrilling assignment for you and there will be no answers for these situation. Only way to these situations are team work and presence of mind. As these tests will be seen by GTO he will observe you with all angles like leadership skills, courage, initiative, sportsman spirit, etc and he will also observe your facial expression and body language so be positive and avoid unnecessary gestures.

He may divide all GTO tasks in two days procedure and there are chances he will try to finish every task in a day. So ready for any situation.

Even if you were not gentle! Then he will throw a subject to you for 2 nd GD, and will again brief you by taking seat as opposite to his previous one. Again he will listen to your fish market and will check his fishes. GTO will brief you about the situation e. GTO will check your skills in map reading, memory , thinking process, planning, strategy, teamwork, priority of work and will observe your anxiety and pressure killing tactics. First he will instruct you about given model and then will say see for few time and will give you one sheet where list of problem and situation will be given again he will give you time to see map.

So it will be the time to go forward, take the lead and give him plan with the help of pointer. Be confident and look towards everyone and even towards GTO as you are explaining it to him. Task 3: progressive group task PGT you will be given 4 obstacles in a sequence and you need to solve in a group.

Provide ideas to solve problem and crossover it with the help of given helping material. It shows that you put the team before yourself. Each group will fight with each other for number one rank in this test. Rule is that when you are crossing obstacle atleast 3 will hold it and rest of the time everyone will hold it. When you will crossing obstacle you need to say war cry and if you break rules here will penalty of two types: time and repeat it�!!

If a single member have done wrong move he will ask him to perform it and join group for next obstacle. This task is for analyzing, how you think, how you express yourself, how you motivate others. You will be given list of 4 topics written on a sheet you need to pick up this from table and go to prepare any topic from that list and give lecture on that topic for 3 minutes GTO will inform you at 2.

Keep smiling face and unwanted facial gestures at a long distance. Task 6: half group task HGT This test is done by diving your group into half number.

There will be only one task similar to what you did in the Progressive Group Task PGT , but some what modified in nature. Give suggestions and work in a group and proceed for success. Task 7: Individual obstacles This will be test of individuals and you need to complete this within 3 minutes and consists of ten 10 obstacles and these obstacles will have marks as per their number like if obstacle no,7 will carry 7 marks and after finishing all 10 obstacles you can perform more till time permits you.

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