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All these books are free to download, thus bridging any gap between you and your himdi. Below is the list of chapters within each Hindi book for Class 10 that you will find in your PDF solutions. Chapter 1 � Mata ka Anchal. The short story by 10th Ncert History Book In Hindi Pdf Iphone Shivpujan Sahay revolves around a father-son relationship.

The following questions take you even deeper into the reflections to give a thorough idea for your Class 10 Board exam in Hindi. Chapter 2 � George Pancham ki Naak. Chapter 3 � Sana Sana Hath Jodi. Based in the dazzling city of Gangtok, this story by Madhu Kankadia carries a vivid description of travelling through the scenic mountains. The exercise given in the end pushes you for descriptive imagination, thus enhancing your thinking skills.

Answering its questions will help you answer related questions in your Class 10 board exams. Chapter 5 � Mein Kyon Likhata Hun. Written from the perspective of a writer, ncert 10th hindi book pdf english chapter of NCERT books PDF brings along questions students must prepare for to fare well in their examination.

Ncert 10th hindi book pdf english 1 � Surdas. Chapter 2 � Tulsidas. Chapter 3 � Dev. Its exercises given in the NCERT books download Class 10 Hindi not only prepare you for the exam but also give valuable insights on life. Chapter 4 � Jayashankar Prasad. Jayshankar Prasad is an eminent poet whose poetry Aatmkathya has been included in this chapter.

Carrying the story of his life, it also comes with several questions and discussions to practice from the NCERT books download. Chapter 6 � Nagarjuna. The sixth neglish of Kshitij is a compilation of two poems written by Nagarjuna. Reflections of everyday life, the poems also have questions that further enrich you with thought-evoking answers.

Chapter ncerrt � Girija Kumar Mathur. With elaborate questions and other exercises, it helps prepare for your board exam. Chapter 8 � Rituraj. Chapter 9 � Manglesh Dabral.

The exercise ncert 10th hindi book pdf english in the end is compiled to let students understand this chapter in depth. Chapter 10 � Swayam Prakash. A social satire written by Swayam Prakash, it comes with questions and exercises that help you prepare well for your exam.

Chapter 11 � Ram Vraksh Benapuri. Ncert 10th hindi book pdf english chapter brings a short excerpt from the life story of Baal Gobind Bhagat, a saint. Eight questions accompany the chapter that helps comprehend about this story by Ram Vraksh Benapuri.

Chapter 12 � Yashpal. Lakhnavi Andaaz hindu a descriptive story written by Yashpal. Make sure to practice the carefully chosen activities to answer your examination questions of Class 10 Hindi.

Chapter 13 � Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena. This chapter brings one of the most interesting stories for you to read written by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena. Its collection of ncert 10th hindi book pdf english has been selected carefully for exam preparations. Chapter 14 � Manu Bhandari. The questions given in the end further make you reflect deeply on the emotional touch she brings.

Chapter 15 � Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi. The chapter by Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi is an analysis of protests against female education in society. Its empowering theme sheds new lights 10th Ncert Hindi Book Pdf Windows on how female education needs engllsh be perceived. Chapter 16 � Yatindra Mishra. Chapter 17 � Bhadand Anand Koslyayan.

Your 10tu on the same ends with this chapter that also has its own set of ncert 10th hindi book pdf english for thorough exam preparation. The stories more or less revolve around the central characters and reflect on various aspects of their life. Chapter 1 � Harihar Kaka. Chapter 2 � Sapno ke se Din. Chapter 3 � Topi Shukla.

Each chapter has a set of exercises students can practice to prepare for appearing in their board exams. These creatively written literary works give an insight into the world of Hindi Literature that has graced our culture for ages. A collection of poems, couplets and such other forms of literary works, this section includes nine chapters in it written by some of the most acclaimed writers like Kabir, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Mahadevi Verma.

Exercises at the end of these chapters help you grasp the subject matter of every poem. Below is given a list of writers whose poems you will read. Chapter 1 � Kabir. Chapter 2 � Meera. Chapter 3 � Bihari.

Chapter 4 � Maithali Sharn Gupt. Chapter 5 � Sumitranandan Pant. Chapter 6 � Mahadevi Verma. Chapter 7 � Viren Dangwal. Chapter 8 � Kaifi Azmi. Chapter 9 � Rabindra Nath Tagore. Short Stories. The book continues with 8 short stories written by renowned writers like Munshi Premchand, Nida Englih, Anton Chekhov, and many.

Check out the chapters that are 10tg. Chapter 1 ncert 10th hindi book pdf english Premchand. Chapter 2 � Sitaram Saksariya. Chapter 3 � Leeladhar Mandloi. Chapter 4 � Prahlad Agarwal. Chapter 5 � Anton Chekhov. Chapter 6 � Nida Fajali. Chapter 7 � Ravindra Kalekar. Chapter 8 � Habib Tanveer.

The extensive exercises only make your preparation worthwhile. No subject reflects the Indian cultural, social and traditional beliefs and rituals as well as the stories and poems included in Hindi Literature. Cautiously selected and compiled by the subject experts, these free PDF books we provide help increase the knowledge of CBSE Class 10 students while giving them a digital solution to prepare.

You can download these books for free from our website and start with your preparations. With no requirement for registration, these books become quickly and easily accessible to you at any time and from. So, start your preparations at the ncerr.


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NCERT books are considered the best resources for the preparations of board exams. Also, at this time when schools are closed on the account of COVID-1 lockdown, these books are best for studying at home.

A thorough and comprehensive reading will help you clear all your doubts. All the solutions have been prepared by the subject experts and are provided with detailed and appropriate explanations. Also, these books are beneficial for various entrance exams as most of the questions asked are directly from NCERT books. Below are the subject-wise Uttara Pradesh Board books for 10th Hindi, English along with the pdf links so that students can download them and Ncert 10th Hindi Book Pdf Windows kickstart their preparation.

Through the links given in the table, students will be able to download Class 10 Uttara Pradesh Board textbooks in English and Hindi:. Mathematics requires a lot of practice and students here students will be able to practice anywhere with the pdf version of class 10 Maths UP Board books. We have tabulated the links below students can download the books by clicking on the links:. UP Board has two mediums i. Reasoning Notes � Click.

English Grammar Notes � Click. General Hindi Notes � Click. Science and Tech Notes � Click. Art and Culture Notes � Click. Psychology Notes � Click. Environment and Ecology � Click. Sanskrit Notes- Click. Ethics Notes � Click.

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