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The problem with any boat is as size increases, cost increase geometrically. Everything gets bigger. A 50+ footer would be a handful on maintenance and handling. Mind you, I've looked at and been aboard some 55+ foot yachts that could be handled by Cost Of A Boat In India Zip Code a couple and sailed around the world. But that comes at a stiff price: $M USD in the case of a yacht like the Southerly 57RS. Honestly, a well built, good condition foot yacht in either sail or power will do almost anything you can dream of. As you can probably guess, I prefer sail. The reason is they tend to be cheaper than an equiva. The cost of water is determined by charges applied by the municipality for piped water or fuel/power charges for water transported by other means. Consumers in India are divided into two categories � domestic and non-domestic consumers. Industries and businesses fall in the latter category; they also pay higher charges than government and semi-government institutions. The water supply and sanitation in India has increased greatly from to present. Still, many people lack access to clean water, toilets, and sewage infrastructure. Various government programs at national, state, and community level have brought rapid improvements in sanitation and the drinking water supply. Some of these programs are ongoing. In rural sanitation coverage was estimated at 1% and it reached 95% in The share of Indians with access to improved sources of water has increased.

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