Most boat builders agree that the cold-molded wooden boats currently being produced generally out-perform glass boats because they are almost always lighter and faster. Thanks to the use of Kevlar and other high-tech building materials, reduced weight and . Jan 08, �� These cold-molded boats are, generally speaking, the lightest of wood boats, but this method of wood construction is also by Wood Used For Boat Construction Years far the most labor intensive. The technique is shunned by some, but is favored by those for whom weight reduction is critical. Cold Molded Construction Cold molded hulls have been built since the technique was used for World War II planes�often using casein or urea-based glues. Today, one would use epoxy almost exclusively, benefiting from its superior bonding, gap-filling, strength and water resistance.

She has seen reasonable care and cold molded wood boat construction report apart from some cosmetic neglect I am working to rectify- but has not been babied and has always been in the water year round. Find More Posts by mmbv Thanks for that Alan! You can download a copy of thier full line product catolog which has detailed information and its quite educational. Open seams on a carvel hull awaiting caulking. Several of these books have chapters dedicated to various species of Moldless Fiberglass Boat Construction Report wood used in boat building, their strengths, wieghts, reoprt resistance, and practical uses. I just tried it, but it seems to be down this morning.

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