Dec 21, �� Boats & Streams SSC BANK pdf (chsl-clerk-po exem)-: Dear readers, We provide you Boats & Streams SSC BANK pdf (chsl-clerk-po exem) you all know that speed in calculation sets the complete Boats And Streams Problems With Solutions For Bank Exams Inc base for Quantitative Aptitude section (Boats & Streams SSC BANK pdf (chsl-clerk-po exem)) of various competitive exams and if you know enough Short Tricks in. 4) A boat can travel 4 km upstream in 15 min. If the ratio of the speed of the boat in still water to the speed of the stream is 9: 5. How much time will the boat take to cover 28 km downstream? a) 42 min. b) 30 min. c) 36 min. d) 44 min. e) None of these. 5) A boat can cover 42 km upstream in 63 minutes. 60+ Saraswat Bank Clerk Previous Year Question Paper PDF | Saraswat Bank Junior Officer Grade B Previous Year Question Paper PDF + SSC CHSL Previous Year Papers Question Pdf � Download Now We provide all Govt Jobs Like Banking, SSC, FCI,UPSC, Railways and all other important government exams Study Materials,Tricks,Quizzes,Notifications.

Average Speed. A boat takes 19 h for travelling downstream from point A to point B and coming back to point C, midway between A and B. How much time will it take to come back? Now, in this section, we are going to provide information about the common terminology that will be used in the Question. What is the speed vank the boat in still water? And then try to take the Quiz we gave on this page. Name Formla.


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