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Discussion in ' Boat Design ' started by CadwelderJan 9, Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. I'm replacing the stringers and deck in a 92 Astro bass restorstion, my question is about the strakes.

They are hollow now I'm sure the wood has just rotted away and rather weak, I was going to just glass another layer over them, but just my wieght cracked two of. Should I go ahead and take them out, reform them and replace, or just try to form up the cracked part and reglass? If I replace them what are your thought on what to trialer as forms? I traile 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app using schedule 20 very thin PVC conduit rippied in half??

CadwelderJan 9, What this means is 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app need 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app lot more material. PARJan 9, Here's is a picture of the strakes in base I think my terms are correct I went ahead and cut a section out and it is definetely just a cardboard tube that was used at the factory.

Since we've gone this far done, I'll take your advice and just cut them out makes for easier grinding with them gone anyway and rip a cardboard shipping tube in half to form. There only function is to stiffen the hull a bit right? I'm using polyester resin. The Strakes. If you cut them out, you'll have to replace the bass boat trailer restoration value, plus any additional laminate you'd like to include. Why replace what's already there, when you can just top traailer off. A layer or two of over the whole area vass stiffen things up fairly.

Reinstall the cut out pieces before you apply the fabric restorationn side down of course. Good to hear theI have enough of it to build the boat from scratch.

I going trxiler use it to attach the new stringers. I'll just use some cardboard tube to fill in the broken areas and glass over them and then over the patch and the remaining with the same cloth I tie in the stringers.

Do you think one layer of 1. Had even pressure all over, for 24 hours. I'll clamp the wood to the transom with equally even pressure.

You could skip all the pressure and just dill a bunch of holes, say on 2" centers to let air vslue as it's clamped in position. Fill the holes after you pull the clamps, then tab the plywood to the hull shell with moreat least 6" of overlap on the basx shell and transom and at least 2 layers.

Much of this depends on restoraation much power you intend to throw at this transom. Naturally, the more HP the outboard, the more tabbing. So yes, with good pressure 1. Well actually the boat is rated for a HP, it has a Merc that will be going back, pushes the boat in the high 60's 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app. My plan was to tab in Bass Boat Trailer Custom Wheels 20 12" on the first layer of16" on the second layer and all the way to the sides on the third and final layer.

The stringers tie into the transom along with the transom cross members also for added support. Should I go heavier duty? Your tabbing overlap is great, though with these HP figures you should increase laminate thickness, doubling what you. Also the transom should be a minimum of 2" thick, Skeeter Bass Boat Trailer Rims Vr though most would be 2. You can go too light on your tabbing, but not too heavy. The same is true of its thickness. PARJan 10, Because of the way the top cap is made, I done some bss, and by the time you figure in the thickness of the skin.

I don't have a problem with modifying it if you think I. CadwelderJan 10, I think they were pushing the limit with the scantlings on your boat to tweak a few extra knots of top speed out of. A really dumb idea in terms of longevity, but seeing bass boat trailer restoration value how you're now rebuilding her less then a couple 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app decades later and the obviously thin stringers you previously noted, not such a big revelation.

Most production built craft like this have been "skimped" on in most every category, with laminate thickness and tabbing as big areas to abss. Make your tabbing heavier then they did and the stringer laminate thickness heavier. It's clearly undersized as I feel the transom valu is as.

The tight stringer spacing indicates they knew the area was under high load and it appears they also used a heavier laminate from the factory, but only enough to get them through the warranty period. Lastly, if you bulk up the transom and the deck cap 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app want to slide back down over it, you can grind the top of the transom down a tad to basd it to fix good.

So long as the core to skin interface is solid and the tabbing wide and 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app enough, you'll be stronger then it was previously, which is apparently good enough for a 18 bass boat trailer restoration value so years. If the bottom laminate stringers included at teailer base of the transom and surrounding areas plane patch trauler are good and stiff, the engine torque will transfer from the bracket mount to the hull bottom without distortion and the laminate will not twist itself to death, which is likely what did in the previous laminate.

Keep stroking it, you're doing fine. Cool, will do just that on the transom now when I set the stringers in should I bed them in thicken resin mix, restoratiion adhesive, or just lay them against the hull? CadwelderJan 11, I'm not sure I follow. If it's a cardboard tube, then you don't need anything, just place it where it belongs. Are you talking about a wooden stringer, before you 'glass it over?

If it's a wooden stringer core, you can lay them against the hull, though some will complain about hard bxss and oil canning. Don't try to mash the goo 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app from under the core, just let it sit on top. If using the goo in a tube approach, then wait a day 10 math solution in hindi pdf download app two to let the bass boat trailer restoration value cure.

Next build up a fillet on each side of the stringer so the 'glass traailer have to vlue a hard, 90 degree turn. TtrailerJan 12, No no, not the cardboard, sorry I wasn't clear.

Yes to the wooden stringers, I've never worried about "hard spots" but thought I'd ask and yes the factory obviously didn't worry about them.

I usually make a resin paste for fillets and use a round over bit on my router for outside corners. Will one layer of be good to attach the stringers wooden ones or should I double that?

They are 5" tall tapers toward the front of course bpat run from the transom to within 38" of the bow. CadwelderJan 12, Okay, we're on the same page. The bull nose bit is how I do it.

All reztoration the laminate is going to "attach" the stringers to the hull shell. Ideally you'll want a chemical bond with this, as a mechanical bond isn't very strong with this resin.

I'm not sure how much it's going to take to bulk up to the thickness you need, but the goal is at Bass Boat Trailer Paint Kit least the same thickness as previously which was probably a little too light. I mention this because I'm a mostly epoxy guy and I don't used restoation fabrics like very often, as epoxy doesn't need the bulk.

To answer your question, yes a single layer of will "tack" them down, but you'll want to get the rest of the laminate on the stringers while the resin is still "green". Someone give Par some points for his help. The man sits on rep points and we're in already FanieJan 12, You must log in or sign up to reply. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads. Opinions on bass boat vass ShrimpkinNov 30,basz forum: Boat Design.

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I also got rid of the lawn growing on the bow of the boat! Email not required. Unpowered Boats Kayaks Dinghies. To remove the top some manufacturers used fiberglass strips to help hold the cap on. I am going to start pulling the top off, and rip out the floor. Good luck Bob. Are you getting ready to buy a boat , but want to make sure you do not overpay?


Selling for as well as Compelling Miniatures ??Fitted with front opening doorways cut from a matching piece of plywood, you're losing your time, you sandblast a rug to take divided everyhting, clinging space for woodworking. I'm the engineer of sorts grailer take what I contend with the pellet of salt. Conclude pattern in black about one-half in.

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