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Jan 24, �� 15hp � 25 hp (Weight abround 36 kg kg) These motors can be heavy to handle but are still considered to be a �small� outboard motor. This hp range is quite popular for use with inflatable boats ft, aluminium fishing boats ft, flat bottom boats ft in length, fibreglass boats . Aug 10, �� 6 horse is plenty for a 14? boat, I started with a Johnson Seahorse 3 hp on a 14? boat. The real question is what water will the combo handle. A 14? boat, in 3�+ waves is NO GOOD, no matter what size motor you have. Just have to know the boats limits. big G. Smaller foot boats can require either a short or long shaft outboard depending on the style of the boat and the brand. If we run into that scenario, I would still show you the different options of motors and go over pricing, but I would also ask you to hold off and do one thing before you pull the trigger.

If it measures 15" or with in a inch of that you will need a short shaft outboard. How fast did your boat go with the 40hp? It came Free Small Boat Plans Plywood Not Working Lorem lpsum 361 boatplans/wooden/wooden-boat-bookstore-usa link a 7. Whatever the max is for a given boat. Oct 16, dbeugli.

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